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Starline Seating Guide

  • Our VIP Club Lounge. This gets you an awesome Studio Lounger Beanbag in a prime viewing position. Allocated seating so you know where you are going to be right from the start.
  • The Good old grass. Which you can pimp any way you like…almost – we have allowed 1.5m2 per person so that does exclude sofas, swags, beds, small wading pools and the like, but rugs, sleeping bags, low chairs are all good. We emphasis here LOW seating as if you bring an option any higher than someone sitting upright on the ground you will be asked to move to the rear or side of the space. If you love your deckchair then check out the next option.
  • The Deckchair Area.  Obviously we want everyone to be able to hear and see the screen so if you do have a favorite outdoor deckchair that is molded to your body shape and spending 2 hours in it is paradise, then you will be behind a marked line of the screening space so as not to block the grass dwellers.  It’s on a first come first seated basis but we’ll help you get sorted if it’s looking busy.

Other potential options:

  • The Pallets. We will have some seating pallets to utilise at the back to give you that extra bit of elevation. You can sit on them as is, hire a seat cushion, put a chair on them, whatever works for you. At this stage this is not a reserved area so it’s first in, best dressed. I don’t want to say it but this is probably where the cool people will end up – well those who missed out on the VIP Club Loungers anyway.

Lot’s of interesting options so choose wisely!




















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