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Big in Japan (CTC)

After hearing about the huge demand for foreign talents in Japan, three Aussie filmmakers ship their lives to Tokyo on an outrageous DIY mission to make ‘ordinary’ Dave famous. Along the way, they meet an eclectic ensemble of gaijin tarento (foreign talents) at various stages of the celebrity journey: a feisty Aussie cross-dresser, a starry-eyed Canadian J-pop wannabe and veteran TV sweetheart, Bob “The Beast” Sapp. But just how far must they go to reach the masses that real celebrity requires?

A decidedly anti-Hollywood fame documentary.


Kyra Sykes brings you this special screening of Big in Japan

Monday the 19th of February at 6:30pm at Oatmill Cinema Complex, Mount Gambier SA!



Tickets available online via FanForce – here

TagLines: A decidedly anti-Hollywood fame doco

Genre: Documentary | Adventure | Comedy

Rating: CTC