When are movie times updated?
Session times are usually updated every Tuesday evening for the following Thursday-Wednesday week. A cinema week screens from a Thursday because that's the day the new movies are released. Our business is always changing so we update sessions every week. 

Is there a group discount and how do I book?
Yes; there is a discount for groups, there is a minimum number to be entitled to a discount. To book simply contact the cinema by telephone or in person and speak with Tracy, Teena or Shane

What does no free list stand for?
No Free List is a term that means that complimentary tickets cannot be issued for a particular session. This is a restriction that is placed on a film by the film distributors and must be adhered to by cinemas. This excludes most Gift vouchers.

Do I have to book seats?
The cinema has allocated seating. Customers have the option to either purchase tickets online and over the counter at the cinema. Online purchases give customers the ability to select their preferred seat, where as over the counter the ticket system randomly allocates the seats. During peak demands it is advisable to head into the facility early to ensure a desired seat. Note : Booking fee is applied to online ticket sales.

Redeeming Vouchers and Discount Tickets.
Oatmill Vouchers can be redeemed at the Candy Bar.

Oatmill Cinema Membership?
Details can be found here

Ticket Prices?
Details can be found here